SunTrust bank is pleased to serve your needs for a U.S. checking account. In order to open an account at SunTrust, we have certain requirements.

Please bring with you your original passport and drivers license. Your driver’s license should have your correct physical address on it. If it does not, we do need proof of your correct physical address. Proof of address can be a bank statement from your current bank, or a utility bill with correct name and address of any person(s) who will be on the account.

We can accommodate person(s) wishing to open accounts not in person, however, we have additional requirements. SunTrust will need a letter of reference from your current bank, signed by a bank officer and must state the following;

How long you have been a customer
They have viewed your current identification and notate I.D. type and number
They have verified your current physical address
We also require a color copy of your passport and driver’s license (for all person(s) on the account)

Please also provide us with your home / work / mobile numbers, as well as employers name and address.

SunTrust offer several accounts with free checking with no minimum balances. Each account does have a mail fee of $5.00 for overseas clients. This can be waived after the 1st statement if you have signed up for online statements. If a U.S. address is selected, we do require proof of that address (mortgage statement / utility bill). A deposit of $100.00 is required to open the account, in addition to the documentation above.

All accounts are available with free online banking and bill pay services, which make managing your account extremely easy when you are not in the country. Traveler’s check cashing and credit card advance services are also available for all SunTrust clients.

Please contact us at +1 (407) 892-6052 with any questions that you may have in connection with your U.S. banking requirements or email us at the contact points below;

Provided courtesy of SunTrust Bank:

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