So you're looking for a New Home in Central Florida?

Do you already know what you want in terms of location, zoning, amenities, materials etc...?

Or are you confused by the different information provided and options available?

That's Where We Can Help!

Unlike the courteous and helpful agents that you meet onsite in those newly constructed and professionally furnished model homes, but who in truth represent the developer - our team of Licensed REALTORS® and Orlando Vacation Experts represent YOU!

Our goal simply is to first gain a clear understanding of your personal needs, requirements and expectations with any property purchase, which will allow us to provide you with information on any and all properties that match or exceed your desired criteria.

Even though you are looking for a new home, in Central Florida there are three types of property that should be considered, based upon levels of completion;

Pre-Construction Homes

Pre-Construction homes are purchased off-plan, typically before construction has commenced in a project or community. Land will have been selected, segregated / platted, licenses will have been issued and the main community infrastructure will be in place. Pre-Construction investors receive the first choice of available lots and by default receive the lowest offered price from the developer. Some projects or communities may release a priority list or V.I.P. list, providing an opportunity for any interested parties to place their name on this list which acts as an intent to purchase. Any party on this list is notified ahead of the general release, with places being secured by way of a security deposit.

In some cases, depending on the nature of the project this party may then make personal selections in terms of floor plans, finishes, colors etc...  In most cases, interested parties will rely on architectural drawings, artists illustrations or graphics to visualize the final design of the property. In terms of completion, times will vary according to product type, location and County or State Laws which allow up to 2 years for completion in many Central Florida counties.

New Construction Homes

New Construction homes are homes which are located in communities already under construction by the developer or homes that have already been started by the developer, known as "spec homes", which represent the most typical selection of options and upgrades based upon experience or previously sold properties. Prices can be marginally higher than pre-construction and the range of options or the ability to make changes may be significantly less depending on the level of construction completed.

Many developers undertake this method of construction within their planning and budget, so as to provide immediate options and inventory especially in communities that are zoned for Short-Term or Vacation Rental use. As a result, the timeline for completion may be shortened considerably from the pre-construction time frame.

Inventory Homes

Inventory homes are properties which have been completed by the developer but remain unsold. Some properties may be utilized as model homes, whilst others provide a level of inventory for the developer to sell from. Limited modifications to inventory homes may be able to be arranged with the developer, although this may be at the expense of an increase in price.

Many developers withhold a select group of prime lots until the end of a phase, or in some cases until the end of a project, as this may help them close out a community at a premium price.  An inventory home is ready for you to furnish and move into, almost immediately, so completion may only take a few weeks if financing has been prearranged or if the purchase is to be made by cash.

In many cases, the REALTORS® at Orlando Vacation Experts are able to negotiate stronger deals with all developers in Central Florida, due to long-standing relationships and experienced negotiation skills. Be sure to use the services of a REALTOR®, especially as OUR SERVICES ARE FREE and especially when the new home agent you are working with likely works exclusively for the developer and has their best interest at heart... NOT YOURS!

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